The Department of International Relations organizes programs that offer undergraduate and graduate degrees to its students, and then educates students to continue their careers in foreign policy and international relations. In this respect, our students are encouraged to set up professional careers in public institutions in the field of foreign policy and public diplomacy, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as an academic career in the field of international relations. For this purpose, current developments occurring in the area of ​​foreign policy of our students, especially current developments relating to the Turkey's place in the global system and Turkish Foreign Policy, historical background and teach in the infrastructure context of international law and present to equip them with information to enable them to interpret the international system is our most important goal. In order to reach this aim, besides the courses given in the Department of International Relations, the relevant institutions and organizations are visited and information about their works is received, panels, conferences, symposiums, congresses, etc. in the field of international relations. Active participation in activities is provided and activities are organized to enable them to meet with academicians, diplomats and bureaucrats.

Our mission is to be a department which will contribute to the international relations discipline academically and Turkish Foreign Policy diplomatically, with the necessary theoretical infrastructure and practical motivation.

Our vision is to follow the current developments and debates on the international relations discipline and also to be a pioneer and respected department that contributes to the discussions with scientific knowledge and academic publications.

In order to graduate from our department, our students are required to receive a total credit of 173. In this context, compulsory credit is defined as 142, and elective credit is 31. In order to increase the success of our students in national and international foreign language exams, from the 2.year, for 6 terms, “Professional English” courses are available for 3 hours per week. In addition, a second foreign language education is encouraged to improve the foreign language skills of our students. In this context “Professional Foreign Language” from 3.year, Russian, Arabic and Spanish Languages etc. ​​are offered to students' preferences.

Business Areas of International Relations Alumni

Government Agencies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA)

Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB)

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Turkic Council




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